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Get the skillset you need to find love and learn from someone who’s been through it all. Jacquie spent over 10 years and tens of thousands of dollars on educating herself on the whirlpools of love.

"When applied with knowledge and tools, love has the power to change all life circumstances, and is the answer to any problem." says Blaze.

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A year worth of therapy
$250/session x 52 weeks
Love Unraveled Self Learn Course
Master it within 5 hours from the privacy and comfort of your own home, at less then PRICE of a single therapy session.
150 years
of Love Advice
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You’ll learn about

What it all really means and how self love comes into play. Seduction is a game that is essential in setting the tone NOT about manipulation


An abundance of tools to work with masculine and feminine energies


Being able to access and open our partners hearts by using the right love language or following the right value system.

Tools not Rules

Dissolving rules that society puts on us. How to negotiate with your partner and get to a deeper love.

Learn from the world’s
best love experts...
Robert Greene

Author of five international

best-sellers, Robert Greene is a specialist in seduction.

Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini is a specialist in human behaviors including values. His work includes nine best-selling books.

Dr. Pat Allen

Breaking the mold on communication, Dr. Pat Allen is helping couples in ways few others can and helping them get to "I Do" and beyond.

Dr. Bonnie Weil

Hailed as the #1 Love expert in the world, Dr. Bonnie helps couples around the world "Make-up, Don't Break-up".

No more years of
therapy without

The CORE SKILL SET in Love Unraveled has taught me how to love myself, communicate openly, and most importantly has released my fear and that helped me get to This project changed my life, and experts promise Love Unraveled will change and transform the lives of all who view and study the series,”says Blaze.

...Wonderful content that could be helpful to any relationship​!

“Jacquie has a wonderfully unique style when interviewing for these videos, and I found them to be interesting and useful as I'm sure most people would. Wonderful content covering subjects that could only be helpful to any relationship. Well done Jacquie.”

Alison Walker, 56,
Woolooware will feed your heart​

“I would highly recommend Jacquie Blaze's "Love Unraveled"!  This Interview series is fun, educational and the knowledge you gain will not only feed your will feed your heart. ”

BD Freeman, LA
A deeper look into the series
Invaluable knowledge from the world’s best relationship experts
Chapter 1

Robert discloses the secrets of the art of seduction and reveal genuine dating and relationship advice for women on falling in love and how to get the love you want.

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Chapter 2

Do you want to know how to get to the heart of love? These dating and marriage skills will help you surrender, understand love languages and be fearless.

TEACHER: Dr. John Demartini
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Chapter 3

Discover how the male female dynamic of power, sex and seduction play Into negotiating an 'I Do'. They talk Oxytocin, sexual and emotional intimacy and relationship communication.

TEACHER: Dr. Pat Allen
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Chapter 4
Tools not Rules

Dr Phil, Oprah & GMA regular Dr Bonnie Eaker reveals how to heal each other and grow in love. She decodes rules and gives you the tools to get him to commit.

TEACHER: Dr. Bonnie Weil
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